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  • Only AIC with at least one inseminator are taken into account in rankings.
  • Only orders fulfilled within the last 84 days are taken into account.
  • Updated today at 02:45
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RankAICLocationDoneRefusedInse. madeProfitability
1.TOZINOWSKINORTH WEST122510108 873base 100
2.DJFRED48NORTH EAST95714486 35340.08%
3.LA FRANCEPACIFIC CO...514834 61316.08%
4.TITI69PACIFIC CO...401126 12013.53%
5.SIMON1408CENTER100729318 20413.43%
6.DANIMAL44NORTH EAST10840120 33110.81%
7.BADGER49NORTH EAST6398183 4399.45%
8.JOCASPACIFIC CO...199386 8296.39%
9.GAEC DES A...NORTH EAST792617 5165.04%
10.PRIZZSOUTH5851457 1764.99%
11.MATTWITTNORTH EAST176390 4974.49%
12.CAPTAIN29PACIFIC CO...4193825 6773.53%
13.TRIS2502NORTH WEST43402 8973.45%
14.ALEXCO24NORTH EAST106772 4133.31%
15.FARMER DOUGSOUTH1141237 3883.04%
16.SOMECA 750CENTER655184 9842.55%
17.HERBERT57CENTER323033 0042.21%
18.AIRBUS A 380PACIFIC CO...15302 1751.80%
19.LULU40300NORTH WEST21701 5241.62%
20.JEFFERSOUTH2411324 7711.53%
21.GUIL15NORTH WEST144013 3931.42%
22.DOMAINE DE...SOUTH7511 2791.27%
23.FOCUSNORTH WEST4321 9671.16%
24.CRACKER86SOUTH WEST18019 9301.10%
25.FENDTDU48PACIFIC CO...168010 7040.74%

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