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RankContractorRegionDoneTons transportedNumber of equipments transported
1.LE SAVOYARDPacific Coast23811 427 432.89 t.2 019
2.HERBERT57Center1473524 110.28 t.755
3.MAIDEN22Pacific Coast10541 267 042.40 t.679
4.ALEXCO24North East5181 351 359.73 t.858
5.FERME87South457127 162.23 t.120
6.USA POWERPacific Coast420137 908.12 t.193
7.GAEC DE LA JONCHèREPacific Coast2892 707 510.77 t.6
8.BVOTH25Center240329 650.75 t.0
9.FIZIONorth West22897 933.58 t.78
10.MATTHIEUWILTCenter224220 526.14 t.0
11.LRJAY07South16434 590.78 t.1 011
12.WILDSPIRITPacific Coast618 300.42 t.0
13.SHONGSouth23128 685.62 t.0
14.AGRIXAVSouth2382 838.52 t.0
15.NEVANS20South2217 636.70 t.0
16.AGRI ARDENNESouth12750.00 t.0

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