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  • Only orders fulfilled within the last 84 days are taken into account
  • Updated 1 time per day

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RankContractorRegionDoneTons transportedNumber of equipments transported
1.ANTHONIOSPacific Coast1069835 858.03 t.1 356
2.LE PETIT PAYSANCenter9231 369 552.63 t.641
3.BSILERNorth East862260 998.59 t.31
4.TOZINOWSKINorth West806940 084.30 t.113
5.FARMERBERNIECenter691248 526.89 t.1
6.SIMON1408Center630558 147.69 t.389
7.SCHOONER FARMSCenter523103 985.49 t.15
8.ETA DE LA GOHELLEPacific Coast484429 439.50 t.22
9.BOBINOU68Pacific Coast436122 507.42 t.234
10.SWINGPacific Coast43064 396.20 t.0
11.RINGLESouth427485 240.92 t.261
12.KERUTHANorth West421344 572.21 t.311
13.ELBS23Center29068 499.33 t.95
14.GEZOLMEPacific Coast278359 129.99 t.30
15.A.T.A.A.RPacific Coast26924 271.22 t.0
16.REDMONTCenter227346 035.16 t.407
17.JOHN FARMERCenter205262 790.50 t.853
18.ETS BANNEUXPacific Coast198159 339.60 t.92
19.JD4960Center198155 753.71 t.0
20.JULO6830Pacific Coast196574 726.43 t.0
21.LA FRANCEPacific Coast187600 076.75 t.527
22.TINKERANorth West174172 817.50 t.38
23.ETIENNE 18Pacific Coast162448 243.00 t.495
24.KILVERSouth140118 747.40 t.373
25.FENDTDU48Pacific Coast123138 528.52 t.0

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