- Transport contractor ranking per truck -
  • Only orders fulfilled within the last 84 days are taken into account
  • Updated 1 time per day

Ranking by :
Equipment :
Transport contractor's region :

RankContractorRegionDoneTons transportedNumber of equipments transported
1.BPLOGISTICSSouth16941 430 735.21 t.412
2.ANTHONIOSPacific Coast969273 614.81 t.685
3.LE PETIT PAYSANCenter845786 595.82 t.350
4.BSILERNorth East783282 694.02 t.38
5.FARMERBERNIECenter743103 579.91 t.5
6.ETA DE LA GOHELLEPacific Coast573417 773.38 t.7
7.TOZINOWSKINorth West494494 514.64 t.132
8.LA CLé DES CHAMPSPacific Coast418191 349.84 t.178
9.SWINGPacific Coast39251 604.19 t.0
10.A.T.A.A.RPacific Coast34023 087.74 t.0
11.ETIENNE 18Pacific Coast338441 376.21 t.709
12.PATRICK57South29096 978.27 t.83
13.LA FRANCEPacific Coast271206 716.39 t.445
14.ELBS23Center26154 935.33 t.101
15.RINGLESouth25194 630.14 t.275
16.KERUTHANorth West238102 133.55 t.48
17.REDMONTCenter225179 701.46 t.285
18.TRIEBEL44Center220247 061.38 t.164
19.CAPTAIN29Pacific Coast209109 337.00 t.194
20.YORKIESouth West17260 924.22 t.51
21.SIMON1408Center165148 360.27 t.209
22.PAYSAN28DBCenter13532 970.75 t.102
23.JD4960Center13246 577.93 t.0
24.FENDTDU48Pacific Coast128105 073.39 t.10
25.TX64PLUSPacific Coast118104 394.22 t.0

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