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  • Only active workshops are taken into acccount in rankings.
  • Only orders fulfilled within the last 84 days are taken into account.
  • Updated 1 time per day
Ranking by : Region :
RankWorkshopRegionDoneRefusedAverage delayAP recoveryWear recovery
1.RAZORLIGHT80430South1 9920123.57 h. = 5d. 3h. 34min.221.760.44%
2.FARMERBERNIECenter95404.62 h. = 0d. 4h. 36min.179.130.59%
3.TX64PLUSPacific Coast82300.36 h. = 0d. 0h. 21min.236.430.82%
4.BOBINOU68Pacific Coast55907.61 h. = 0d. 7h. 36min.671.720.45%
5.IBIZA6315South3990154.73 h. = 6d. 10h. 43min.410.980.48%
6.LA FERME PICHEPacific Coast29706.64 h. = 0d. 6h. 38min.259.020.55%
7.MOI51South West26005.93 h. = 0d. 5h. 55min.98.180.67%
8.VIKINGKEVINPacific Coast244154193.07 h. = 8d. 1h. 4min.665.300.43%
9.JOHN FARMERCenter217042.16 h. = 1d. 18h. 9min.955.170.74%
10.CROCUSSouth20101.01 h. = 0d. 1h. 0min.274.221.00%
11.LAFRONDECenter188017.03 h. = 0d. 17h. 1min.234.011.00%
12.KERNOWCenter11811.54 h. = 0d. 1h. 32min.463.820.80%
13.REDMONTCenter92020.79 h. = 0d. 20h. 47min.484.960.80%
14.WILLHELM VAILLANTSouth West8400.15 h. = 0d. 0h. 8min.456.430.60%
15.SAYFAUNSouth West72010.19 h. = 0d. 10h. 11min.66.450.54%
16.AGRINICOPacific Coast70016.83 h. = 0d. 16h. 49min.501.430.51%
17.LE SAVOYARDPacific Coast68032.65 h. = 1d. 8h. 39min.123.140.99%
18.JOCASPacific Coast58042.84 h. = 1d. 18h. 50min.286.360.30%
19.LE PETIT PAYSANCenter49012.6 h. = 0d. 12h. 36min.131.330.66%
20.BAUMPISouth4207.35 h. = 0d. 7h. 21min.61.300.20%
21.BLOWINSMOKE007Pacific Coast38144.8 h. = 1d. 20h. 48min.135.130.76%
22.SIMON1408Center34016.35 h. = 0d. 16h. 21min.16.560.60%
23.FARMER03South3302.52 h. = 0d. 2h. 31min.383.610.30%
24.ETIENNE 18Pacific Coast3006.45 h. = 0d. 6h. 27min.881.900.91%
25.LA FRANCEPacific Coast2803.51 h. = 0d. 3h. 30min.223.290.66%

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